Our Story

InsOps was started by insurance professionals to serve the data needs of insurance professionals. Our mission is to help insurance carriers, brokers, and agencies optimize their data. Over the last 5 years, carriers have continued their digital transformation projects to replace legacy Policy, Claims, and Billing systems. But critical data isn’t just contained in these core systems, it’s spread between CRM and ERP systems, legacy systems, broker and agency systems and data warehouses.

InsOps has developed a DataLake platform for insurance companies that combines the latest Azure cloud technologies with AI and Machine Learning to pipe data directly from source systems into a data warehouse, DataLake, or LakeHouse. We have pre-built pipes that replace the manual and time consuming traditional ETL and ELT processes.

We can ingest your data in as little as 60 days. We provide an alternative to buying tools and hiring an expensive team of consultants to spend 12-18 months moving your source to target data. Our platform is pre-built, Out of The Box, and will allow you aggregate data from a wide variety of source systems into your cloud or on-prem data warehouse.

Generative AI Data Ingestion

Integration of the Microsoft Fabric Framework enhances the dynamic data ingestion framework.

Generative AI Analytics

The conversational AI enables the customers to talk to their business data.

InsOps offers an automated pre-built end-to-end solution to build a Unified Insurance Data Lake as a service (UIDLaaS) in less than six weeks, solving complex business problems through data with AI as a service (AIaaS) and Integration as a Microservices (IaaMS) to other systems.

Our dynamic and highly configurable cloud solution is 10x faster than any ingestion solution

We are insurance people, bringing decades of experience in the insurance domain knowledge, insurance data, and insurance technologies!

We are seasoned insurance professionals with decades of industry experience.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build insurance data Lake in less than 3 weeks using the pre-built pipelines using Azure technologies with AI & ML.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help insurance carriers, MGA, brokers, and agencies optimize their data for growth.

Modernize your data platform

We can migrate your on-prem ETL and BI platforms to the Azure environment. Our solution caters specifically to insurance companies, providing a scalable, high-speed, and dynamic platform. With our expertise, you can gain access to your golden data more efficiently than ever before.

Accelerate your data ingestion
DataLake - 20 years Experience
Unified Data - 30 years Experience
Data Modernization - 25 years Experience


Unify your data

Our data pipes feature pre-built data models for harmonizing diverse sources of Policy, Claim, Billing, Risk, and other Insurance Datasets.


Interact with your data

We offer tailored raw, curated, and aggregated datasets for Data Science, enabling predictive model development and immediate analytics, reporting, and modeling.


Migrate your data

We provide pre-built dynamic data pipes for seamless data migration from various sources, including AWS S3, GCP, and Azure Data Lake, to Cloud Data Lake.


Transfer your data

Carriers can customize attribute transfers to seamlessly integrate designated data into the systems of distribution partners.

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