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An industry expert in offering tailor-made data services for the insurance sector.
Unify your data

Our data pipes include pre-built data models, which allow the Policy, Claim, Billing, Risk, and other Insurance Datasets to be pre-constructed to harmonize data from diverse sources, establishing a singular source of truth.

Migrate your data to cloud data lake

We offer pre-built dynamic data pipes that facilitate the seamless migration of your data from diverse sources, including prominent big data platforms such as AWS S3, GCP, and Azure Data Lake, into the Cloud Data Lake. Our AI/ML model also maps data attributes from legacy or M&A systems to the intended transactional system, simplifying the entire system migration process.

Transfer your data to the distribution partner

Our pre-built data pipes enable carriers to configure data attributes from their policy or claims systems that they wish to share with distribution partners, such as brokers or agencies, by making these attributes accessible in the cloud data lake. This feature will allow the partners to access these designated attributes and transfer the data to their respective systems.

InsOps is a unique global leader dedicated exclusively to the development of enterprise-grade insurance data lakes. Our team comprises seasoned insurance professionals who possess a deep understanding of your data requirements.
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