InsOps offers an automated pre-built end-to-end solution to build a Unified Insurance Data Lake as a service (UIDLaaS) that can curate and host data from any source system anywhere. From there, solving business problems through interactive self-service models, Chatting with your enterprise data using our Conversational AI, seamless integrations to other systems, and much more.

Our dynamic and highly configurable cloud solution is 10x faster than any ingestion solution.

We are insurance people, bringing decades of experience in the insurance domain knowledge, insurance data, and insurance technologies!


Pre-built pipes for P&C Carriers.

Life DataLake

Pre-built pipes for Life Carriers.

Agency / Broker DataLake

Pre-built pipes for Brokers.

MGA DataLake

Pre-built pipes for MGA's.


Pre-built pipes for Benefit.

CRM DataPipes

Pre-Built Insurance CRM DataPipes.

Dental DataPipes

Pre-built pipes for Dental Carriers.

Qlik Visualization

QlikView Insurance Dashboard & Report.

Underwriting to Claims SSP

U/W - Claims Self-Service-Portal.


Agency Self-Service-Portal.

Finance SSP

Finance Self-Service-Portal.

PowerBI Visualization

Microsoft PowerBI Insurance Reports.

Tableau Visualization

Tableau Insurance Dashboard & Reports.

InsOps GenCruise

Insurance Generative AI.

InsOps Genlytics

Insurance Advance Analytics Platform.

Pre-built DataLake

Pre-Built DataLake Sets You Up For A Modern Data Platform

Pre-built self-service models

Pre-Built Self-Service Models Enable The Drill-Down Of Your Insurance Data

Pre-built Visualizations

Pre-Built Visualizations Bring The Visual Appeal To Your Data

Conversational AI

Conversation AI Allows You To Have Insightful Conversations With Your Data
Thoughtfully technologically-crafted pre-built solutions to accelerate the business value of the insurance industry through data.
  • Pre-built DataLake sets you up for a modern data platform
  • Pre-built self-service models enable the drill-down of your insurance data
  • Pre-built Visualizations bring the visual appeal to your data e
  • Conversation AI allows you to have insightful conversations with your data
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